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Bug reports

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Open issues:


  • STrRedWolf, via IRC. Linux (FF, Konqueror) pops up multiple "plugin needed" messages for phone reports. Unverified. 11/4, 8:25a EST.

    Image URL for what STrRedWolf sees: http://strredwolf.furrynet.com/picdump/tvr-LinuxBug.png (Added by STrRedWolf 11/4/2008 4:35p EST)

  • @rit, via twitter. iPhone browser does not display live feed, only "jsonupdate([])". Verified, see: http://twitpic.com/jvvl. 11/4, 8:25a EST.
  • Suzie, via email, suzie AT eclipse.net. FYI the Twitter votereport phone system is NOT working. I have been trying both numbers repeatedly for the past 2 hours and neither works. It takes the zip code and brings up the correct town/state, but when you try to enter the number of minutes you've waited or your rating, it will not confirm.  For example, if you enter 30 minutes, it says "you have entered minutes" without the number. etc. Unverified. 11/4, 8:34am EST.
  • @noneck #votereport main site is crashing my iPhone safari because of

    the Ajax autoload. Can you toggle it based on user-agent strings? - confirmed by NoNeck

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Closed issues:


  • Closed issues.


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