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Conference Call Notes 10_27_08

Page history last edited by Nancy Scola 12 years, 1 month ago

Site Launch: Allison Fine: Deanna reports that the site will be up in the next few hours and that she needs contributions of languages to flesh it out. Beka Economopoulos: One thing that needs to be above the fold is a user guide -- tweeting, iPhone app, SMS, and phone number, though we need to keep Twitter at the forefront. Nancy Scola: We're working on the 101 guide and can use that as a call out on the site. Jon Pincus: The site/wiki should feature the 101 guide, training videos, and user profiles (including uses by journalists, election officials). Beka has user stories to contribute. Tracy Viselli is sending around the Twitter "stick figure" example as a model. Conclusion: We're aiming for having the site ready for the public by noon tomorrow (10/28).


Press Outreach: We need to tweak the press release to reflect additional channels. JP: Twitter is, in some ways, the sexiest use of technology around vote reporting, and we should highlight that in our outreach. Voter Supression Wiki is releasing a report on Wednesday morning, and we should tie together the efforts, which is a nice press hook. BE: We should focus on writing up a narrative around this, like was done with the bailout bill. TV: What's the comfort level of tagging the effort with the label "protect"? Andy Carvin and NS: We need to frame TVR as a citizen-driven, open and transparent reporting system. Andrew Rasiej: It's okay if reporters get more than one contact on TVR. TV: Been holding off on contacting people until the project is further along; a "results" column has been added to the press contact list on the wiki. AR: Is there enough of an exclusive hook to push this out to one reporter in particular? Regrouping on that question for a 3pm conference call.

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