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Conference Call Notes 10_28_08

Page history last edited by Nancy Scola 11 years, 9 months ago

On the call: Beka Economopoulos, Allison Fine, Nancy Scola, Matt Cooperrider, Andrew Rasiej, Andy Carvin, Sanford Dickert, Micah Sifry, and Dave Troy


AF said that she's very very confident that the site at twittervotereport.com will be built out later today to the point that it can be made public. BE asked when the press release should be timed for, and the consensus was that we should aim for release in the morning and then targeted outreach at that point. AR suggested that going for an exclusive doesn't make sense but that we should be sure to do individual outreach to press. We'll should be keeping the press contacts list current on the wiki before and during outreach.


The discussion turned to when maps will be ready to be embedded in the site and Dave Troy joined the called. He indicated that maps will probably be ready by Friday, and gave an update on the various input channels, saying that Twitter and SMS are set up (in terms of data processing and storage) and that the voice app is completely but not yet live. Andrew Turner has been leading the effort to build out the map feeds and KML files we'll be offering. NS suggested that we have a mock-up of a map in place in the meantime.


Talk then turned to video tutorials and the like. Sanford will be using the 101 guide, which will hopefully be ready by the end of the day, to build out a video. WhyTuesday has also offered to do video work.

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