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Conference Call Notes 10_30_08

Page history last edited by Nancy Scola 11 years, 9 months ago

Allison said that work is being down to make the "How to Participate" information on the home page stand out more. Beka suggested that a "Spread the Word" section be added to be site and made prominent, as that will be a core way that the effort gets attention in the next few days. Beka recommended adding it to the top navigation bar. Nancy suggested that we come up with a priority list for the next few days. Matt has since added one to the front page of the wiki.


Allison asked how we best work with CNN, which has expressed an interest in the project. They idea was raised of asking them to fold it into their iReport stuff. She'll be pursuing that relationship.


Consensus is that we need a way of highlighting high-quality reports that deserve either follow up or press attention. Nancy suggested that a feature be added into the backend that functions like the "favorite" option on Twitter. Consensus was also that the highest priority item at this point is a map that can be shared with partners.


We moved on to press. Beka said that a press release went out to Fenton today. (And it's brought in some good leads, including one with ABC.) Allison said we're following with partner groups to make sure that they are reaching out to their lists. Consensus was that an additional round of press outreach can occur around a completed map complemented by blog badges.


Matt reported that Dave reported that they need more help building out visualizations. Nathan and Nick seem to be contributing on that front.

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