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Contacts List

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Contact List

Our means of getting in touch with each other.  Please be respectful.





Name Email Address Phone Number AIM/gTalk  Twitter       Comments
Beka Economopoulos beka at notanalternative dot net 917-202-5479 gTalk: bekasemail @bekamop recruitment, publicity, org and OSN outreach
Deanna Zandt deanna at deannazandt dot com   deannazandt @deannazandt site design, wrangling
Jon Pincus jon at achangeiscoming dot net    



voter suppression, security, media, social network activism
Matt Cooperrider mattcoop at dotorgware dot com 646-379-0733 monsieurcoop @mattcoop volunteer coordinator
Tracy Viselli myrnatheminx@gmail.com   myrnatheminx @myrnatheminx social media, blogger relations, online organizing
Noel Hidalgo  noel(at)noneck(dot)org  937.218.2422  noel(at)noneck(dot)org @noneck recruitment, publicity, etc. 
Ha-Hoa Hamano hydrogen7@yahoo.com       general db/web maintenance? Asian American language access
Nancy Scola nancyscola@gmail.com 202-257-8511 scolanancy/nancyscola @nancyscola  
Devanshu Mehta     gtalk: devanshumehta @devanjedi cafepress tshirts, redditt, general code
Sanford Dickert sdickert (a) gmail  650-5DELUXE  gTalk: sdickert  @sandord utility player (code, design, etc) 
Amanda Hesser amandahesser@gmail.com 718-594-7180 gTalk: amandahesser



Plodt.com scatterplot visualization of wait times at polls; CafePress tshirts

Allison Fine afine2007@gmail.com 914.837.5053 AIM: fineevolve @afine outreach, partnerships

David Troy


davetroy@gmail.com 410.647.5812 AIM: popvoxdave @davetroy technology, database design, API, data source integration
Andy Carvin acarvin at npr dot org 202-277-2012 AIM: andycarvin@yahoo.com



crowdsourcing and journalism; citizen journalism
Cory Forsyth cory.forsyth @ gmail 435-232-2390 gtalk: my email @bantic technology/code, api, dataviz
Mike Bukhin mbukhin@gmail.com 617-877-2299 gtalk: mbukhin   Plodt devevelopment, data visualization
Sze Wong swong@zerionconsulting.com 571-216-2553 aim swongim @szewong  iphone development
Micah Sifry msifry at gmail 914-478-8308 aim msifry1 @misif media outreach, troubleshooting
Billy Gray wgray@zetetic.net   gChat billy.zophar@gmail.com, IRC billymeltdown @billymeltdown

Ruby & SQL Developer


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