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Falling through the cracks

Page history last edited by Tracy Viselli 11 years, 9 months ago

Please use this page to highlight items that you're concerned are falling through the cracks.



Twitter sync-up: several people have contacts, we need to get some good communicaitons in place. [update from Micah: I emailed Biz and Ev this morning 10-21, cc-ed Nancy and Alison, haven't heard anything back yet.]  Owner: ???


Date for press release and talking points: Tracy (coordinating Nevada visibility/involvement) and Jon (trying to coordinate press with the Voter Suppression Wiki and the e-Deceptive campaign practices report) have both asked for this, and so presumably other local and partner contacts need it as well. Allison will draft press release and post here tomorrow and draft outreach plan for input by others.


Contact with Community Technology Centers: to sign up some new twitterers in at-risk areas, recruit "supertweeters", and potentially build targeted apps.  Somebody had a contact on email, not sure who it was.  Owner: ???  (Was this the case in which someone mentioned Shireen Mitchell?  If so, I have emailed her about this but haven't heard anything.  I can become the owner of this if you like althought I wasn't the person who intially made the suggestion - Tracy Viselli



Syncing up with Wired: making sure formats are compatible, potentially more.  Owner: Jon, working with Sarah Lai Stirland at Wired.








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