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  1. I can't see my Tweet on twittervotereport.com
    • The main site twittervotereport.com is updated in near real-time from our Twitter feed. Your tweet should show up within one minute from the time you send in the update. However, if many users send in updates at the same time, your post may jump to the second (or third) page quickly.
    • Make sure your account did not set to "Protect my updates" for your tweet to be picked up. Log into your twitter page, select "Settings", under "Account", there is a check box at the bottom of the page. Make sure it is not checked.
    • Also, your post should contain the #zipcode tag (like #20171), or you should have a state location specified in your Twitter profile.
  2. I see my Tweet on the map for a while but now it's gone.
    • To ensure the map reflect near-realtime data, we only pull the last 200 Tweets from the feed. So if there are more than 200 Tweets after yours, yours will not be shown.
  3. Is there a better place to monitor reports?
    • We are working on many ways to visualize and report all the data we collect. In the meantime, the best way to monitor what's going on is from the main page on twittervotereport.com. We will update the site as more reporting mechanism become available. Our development team has been working around the clock to make things happen.
  4. What is the system capacity?
    • The Twitter and SMS interfaces can handle tens of thousands of updates at the same time. Our phone interface can handle up to 200 simultaneous calls. Our only concern is with the iPhone app if many people send in audio reports.



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