A hashtag is any word in twitter which is immediately preceded by the '#' symbol (a.k.a the hash).  By using a hashtag, you're signalling that you want people to be able to find your tweet and associate it with other tweets that contain the same hashtag.


In the case of VoteReport - we should use the hashtag for votereport (#votereport) and then the name/value pairing for infromation gathering.  Similar to what you see on URLs, name/value pairs are used to set conditions on where you are and what is happening.


To see the actual implementation of the hashtags, look at the source code:



The implementation of the location specifier tags (#zip, L:) is listed here:



Basic Hashtags



You must at least include this tag in your tweet for us to be able to use your information.  There are a number of additional pieces of information you can add from there


#EP{two-letter state code} - e.g. #EPNY for New York, #EPOH for Ohio

This is for individuals with serious legal issues only.  Are you or someone you know being prevented from voting?  Tweet the appropriate code and a brief message about your problem, and we'll tweet back with next steps.  We have a whole coalition of voting experts supporting us.


Tags for additional issues

We're trying to keep things simple, so we've created 3 basic tags to alert us to issues that might occur.


Advanced Hashtags

We're trying to keep the hashtags simple for our tweeters, but here are some more advanced hashtags that have been suggested.


#challenges -- there are widespread challenges occurring at the location.

#hava -- accessibility issues (vision, etc.).  [HAVA is the acronym is for Help Americans Vote Act]

#ballots -- out (or running out) of paper ballots

#good/#bad -- the overall experience


Our hope is that our more committed and engaged volunteers will be able to use these to provide richer and more specific data.