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iPhone App

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Vote Report has been submitted for inclusion in the App Store:


Vote Report is the official iPhone app for the 2008 "Twitter Vote Report" project, a non-partisan effort to track the national election process.


Vote Report lets you send a quick report about the conditions at your polling place and thereby alert the media, officials, and watchdog groups of any irregularities which might need attention. Likewise, this will show all the places where things are going smoothly.


You can even submit an audio report to describe conditions at your polling place! View (and listen to) results from all around the country at http://votereport.us!


In just a few seconds you can answer 6 quick questions about your polling place and help the election process! This data will be aggregated with data from Twitter, SMS, and our voice-based system to provide real-time views about the state of the 2008 US election. If you encounter conditions that require immediate attention, contact our partner Election Protection at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.


LOCATION INFORMATION: This program requires the use of your device's location information. If this is not available, or you do not wish to share it, do not use this app.


LEGAL: Different states have different rules about the use of electronic reporting equipment at polling places. To be sure you are in compliance in your use of this application, use it at least 100 feet from any entrance to a polling place, and/or check with an election official before using inside or near a polling location.


NOTE: Neither this project, this application, nor Popvox LLC is affiliated with Twitter, and no Twitter account is required to use this application.





* David Troy (lead) dave [at] roundhousetech [dot] com, davetroy.com

* Sze Wong: szewong.com

* Deanna Zandt - graphics 

* Devanshu Mehta: devanshumehta [at] gmail [dot] com

* Nathan Freitas: nathan at freitas dot net



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