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Live Map

Page history last edited by duncan 12 years, 12 months ago

Live map, based on the json feed. Embeddable (should be customizable too, but I haven't gotten that far yet). Would love to hear any comments.

It may or may not be ok to get this youtube data.


Removed the youtube data, since I figured out older twitter data. Added controls. The data seems to be down temporarily... did I break that?

Comments (3)

msifry@... said

at 4:39 pm on Nov 2, 2008

This is pretty sweet, Duncan! Can you make it so that it shows all the incoming tweets? Right now it appears to be a loop of the same 6 or so. If we could embed this on the home page of the site right now, it would be a nice calling card.

As I said in my email to the list earlier, we still want the main map to be more cumulative in nature.

duncan said

at 4:42 pm on Nov 2, 2008

It's designed to pull in new data, but so far these 6 or 7 are all that come out of the feed. I'll check the parameters to make sure I'm not missing something.

duncan said

at 6:48 pm on Nov 2, 2008

Added the youtube / record your vote stuff. Kind of slows it down... maybe that should be optional or limited to states.

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