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Phone Based Reporting

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In an effort to make VoteReport accessible to the widest possible audience (folks without easy access to Twitter, SMS, or iPhone/Android methods) we also have developed a simple call-in based mechanism for reporting conditions via telephone.  Any telephone (cell or land line) can be used to submit reports.


You may call any of the following numbers to submit reports to our automated system:


567-258-8683 (primary)

208-272-9024 (secondary)

310-734-0001 (spanish)
617-960-8900 (tertiary)


You may call any of these US numbers as part of a typical cell phone plan.


Report Conditions At Your Polling Place

We want to hear from you about the conditions at your polling place, whether they are good or bad.  Once connected, you'll be asked to enter your zipcode, and enter a code that describes conditions at your polling place, along with information about the wait time. You can optionally record a message stating the name of your polling place and the conditions there, and we'll include it in our data.


Election Protection Reporting

If you wish to report bad conditions at a particular polling place and want to talk to a human, please also contact our partner, Election Protection, at 1-866-OUR-VOTE to get an immediate response from a human.


Combined with our other reporting mechanisms (Twitter, SMS, and iPhone) VoteReport will be able to build a very diverse dataset about the 2008 election, covering a wide range of users.


Implementation, For Geeks and Planners


  • NetworkRedux has contributed an 8 core XEON processor with 4GB RAM for our telephony server.
  • Ohio Telecom has contributed an Ohio phone number with 200 voice channels.
  • Spectrum Networks has contributed a Seattle phone number with 200 voice channels.
  • Arrival Telecom has contributed Idaho and Los Angeles phone numbers.


The system is built using Asterisk and integrated into our backend using Adhearsion and ActiveRecord.


For questions please contact dave [at] roundhousetech [dot] com.



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