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Project Tracker

Page history last edited by Sanford 15 years, 7 months ago

A great way for managers to track group progress is with a Project Tracker page.  List your most important projects here, and review the list every week.  If any important items are missing, add them.  If anything on the list seems less important, remove it.


The key is to provide crystal clarity on what people should work on, and when those projects are due.


Use the status to bring clarity to the process--the status should either be GOOD, WARNING, DANGER, or DONE.  That way it's easy to see where your team needs to focus.


Ideally, you should create a page for each project using the "Project" template, and link each project listed on the Project Tracker to its corresponding page. You can also create pages for each team member using the "Team Member Page" template and link the project leads' names to their respective pages.



Project Lead Notes Start Date End Date Status
Google Mapplet Chris Kennedy, ... Proof of concept Oct. 20th   [Status]
Site design Deanna Zandt Short/sweet/straightforward     [GOOD]
Twitter Backend Dave Troy    


Twitter-like Front ????        
google Earth Interface ????        
Sweeper Interface Billy Gray (lead), Cory Bantic what is this doing that's different from any other interface      


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