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Our site is up and running, but it's in beta.  Here's where we'll track suggestions for how to improve it



Suggestion Suggested By Task Assigned To Staus: and Notes
change the text regarding the voicemail system and say that this feature isn’t up and running yet Andy Carvin Allison Completed

Badges on the main website.  Could include on the "How to Participate" page, or could add top-level navigation called "Spread the Word". 


I'd recommend separating the two out, so "How To Participate" ONLY includes info on how to submit reports (the 4 options, plus all the deets about additional hashtags. And the training video embed.


Then "Spread the Word" includes 1) sample email text to send to friends/lists/etc abt TVR, 2) Flyer to download and distribute, 3) badges/graphics to grab and repost.


How to Participate 

  • 4 options on how to participate (twitter, SMS, phone, iPhone app)
  • hashtag instructions
  • toolkit link
  • instructional video embed

Spread the Word 
  • Sample email to send to friends/lists/etc about TVR
  • Flyer to download and distribute
  • Badges/graphics to grab and repost


Beka Economopoulos, Sanford +2    
In "how to participate" sidebar box and page, add link to wiki for new collaborators Matt Coop.    

Add following text to center column of homepage, above the twitter feed:


Options for submitting a report:
1)  Send a "tweet" to, be sure to include the code #votereport somewhere in your message so we can find it.
2)  Send a text message that begins with #votereport to 66937 (MOZES)
3)  Call to (567) 258-8683 (258-VOTE) to submit a report by touch tone keypad and a recorded message
4)  Download the Twitter Vote Report iPhone application   (note: need to hyperlink "download")

Beka Economopoulos, Billy Gray, Dave Troy, Sanford    




Deanna Zandt, deanna AT; AIM: deannazandt

Noel Hidalgo, noel AT (this is also for AIM, gChat)

Jennifer Daniel, jenniferxdaniel AT



Old Stuff

Everything from here down has been implemented, but we're leaving it posted in case it's useful later.






Illustrator CS3:

PNG for the AI file: twitter_logo.png


For twitter icon usage


SAMPLE: Don't use, this is how it will look in your feed:


JPG (Use this one)


Alternative Twitter icon:


Illustrator CS3:


For iPhone app





Illustrator CS3:



the stencils below can be used to make a bleached t-shirts. watch this video.

use this stencil.



200 pixel graphic for ya'lls blogs.




Promotional logos


Site Architecture

A quick map of the minimal content we're going to display on the site