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Social dev camp wish list

Page history last edited by JonPincus 12 years, 1 month ago

To anybody at SocialDevCamp East interested in working on TVR, here's our wish list (not yet in any particular order)


  1. good test data set: valid and invalid messages, semantically ambiguous, etc.  Dummy test data for Dave is a start on this.
  2. help improving our User stories -- and the apps to support them!
  3. a Facbook app that's interesting even before Tuesday so that we can recruit users by trying to get it go viral
  4. from an election protection perspective, our partner the Voter Suppression Wiki would like information (ideally as part of the visualizations) that indicates "priority" for results such as wait time and not-yet-investigated reports of issues, taking the possibility of malicious input into account.  Intuitively if multiple people are indpendently reporting something similar at a location, it's more likely to be valid (unless there's a group of people working together) and it is likely to affects more people.  If resources are scarce, this is valuable for prioritizing what to investigate first.
  5. another request from the VSWiki: a visualization highlighting holes in coverage in priority locations.  (assume that a static list of priority locations comes from an external source)


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