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Critical-Path Tech Implementation Items


This is a list of critical-path items in order of highest to lowest priority.  If you want to see something re-prioritized or added, go ahead and make a note of it and say why if it requires explanation.


  1. Review reviewer models, interface, etc, from Billy & Cory
  2. Create real-time Gmaps visualization, automatically updated using AJAX, and aggregating data with Marker Manager
  3. Determine reporting requirements for heat mapping
  4. Review VOIP configuration for performance+load: codecs, zaptel/timing
  5. Support reports.kml?near= param for proximity reports
  6. Check out bug reports


This will be a growing and evolving list. Check back for progress reports!


In progress:

  • Embedded Gmaps Visualization w/params (Andrew Turner) 
  • Spanish language scripts for phone interface (Tony Herrera)
  • Improved Twistori-like frontpage using ajax/better design (John Trupiano)
  • Check status, teams, needs for API, Sweeper, and Visualization projects (Dave Troy)
  • Sweeper interface models, tests, and UI (Billy Gray, Cory Forsyth)
  • Review of sweeper interface (Mike Subelsky)
  • Improve Google Charts visualization (Nick Gauthier)
  • Web Visualization in Ruby-Processing (Jeff Warren)
  • SWEEPER UX: needs love. Editable fields location and tags need to be made "smart", autocomplete/suggest typeahead



Tune garbage collection on Twitter XMPP daemon to prevent delays (high priority)

Look at filtering of reports for Andrew

Add Android reporter subclass and test with live client

Add new fields to Report model: rating, location_accuracy (as supplied by iPhone)

Finalize server-side of iPhone reporting mech to store audio reports

Pull in work: Finalize and test automated VOIP-based reporting (Jay Phillips)

Review status of iPhone app process

Merge code branch from ngauthier

Coordinate potential v1.01 (Sze Wong) (See below for currently proposed updates)


iPhone App v1.01 Wish List

* Note, as it may take Apple from 1 day to 1 week to approve an update, we may not be able to post any update at all before election day. In anycase, here are the currently proposed feature update:


    1. Conditional pop-up to collect zip-code when geo-location is not available or declined by the user (DONE)

    2. Question of "Can we contact you?" and if yes, conditional data entry for email and phone number. (May not need)




Comments (3)

Andy Carvin said

at 11:39 am on Oct 29, 2008

Having an embeddable map is a major priority for NPR, as we won't be able to promote the project until we can embed a map on our website. Some basics of what we had in mind:

- it's embeddable on any website (because our stations may want to embed it locally)
- If it's a google map, have it set in street map mode rather than showing topographical features
- preferably overlaid with the Google/Pew KML data of polling places
- also overlaid with the YouTube/PBS KML of Video Your Vote videos (Dave, have you talked to them yet?)
- Map pinpoints use different icons if specific tags (#ballot, #wait, etc) are used (I think someone did this on the original maplet, right?)
- Clicking a pinpoint displays the full text of what a person submitted if they submitted a tweet or SMS; if it's audio or a youtube video, it would pop up a player to play the content
- If possible, allow the person embedding the code to set its location and scale, so if a user in Ohio wants the default setting to focus on the state of Ohio, they can do that.

Allison Fine said

at 11:35 pm on Oct 29, 2008

I want to add a placeholder for archiving the data beyond the election for research purposes

msifry@... said

at 12:29 pm on Oct 30, 2008

Will the clickable pinpoints include a timestamp? It would help, I think, to do be able to see that. Right now they don't appear to.

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