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User stories

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on October 22, 2008 at 12:49:33 pm

Kinds of users

  • voter: a voter the polls who wants to report a success/failure
  • member: somebody who's actively volunteering, including a "more trusted user", Sweeper or SuperTweeter


Voter reports


Via Twitter




Via iPhone


Via phone


Via web (presumably VoteStory '08)



Member signs up


SuperTweeter sends in reports for several voters

(particularly important in areas where Twitter usage is low -- which are likely to be the ones most at risk)


Sweeper sends out an alert

- identifies potential pattern

- identifies precinct (may not be unique in urban areas)

- validates data

- gets feedback and confirms

- sends notification



Sweeper detects bad data

- identifies pattern

- gets feedback

- purges data

- alerts somebody to look for broader patter



Community activists looking out for local problems


what information and visualizations are important, how to convey confidence levels and minimize false alarms, how can they confirm itand to evaluate the severity?  how to determine specific precinct if it's not known?  what should they do next?  who do they contact if they have proble and know what to do/who to contact next?


Election protection group gets alert

what information is there to confirm it, allow the group to evaluate the severity, and know what to do/who to contact next?


Local reporter/blogger is following for a story


National reporter/blogger is following for a story



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