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Volunteer Kit

Page history last edited by Matt Cooperrider 15 years, 4 months ago


This is the space where we collaboratively develop the materials that will aid volunteers on the ground on election day.  In the next couple of days, we need to make an easy-to-read webpage that lays this all out.



Add your rname here if you are working on this project.  Update the Overview section with any progress you make.


Project Needs

  • Determine which information volunteers need to have on election day
  • Create the materials that they will need




We'll be basing the one-pager off of the template at: http://www.votersuppression.net/page/Wisconsin+%22one-pager%22


In the next couple of days, we'll have a printable, easy-to-read file that anyone can bring along to the polls on election day.


Volunteer Instructions from the TVR Perspective

This is what you should follow if you just want to document the situation on the ground


Before Election Day

  1. Signup for Twitter and follow Twitter.com/VoteReport or download the iPhone app and learn the hashtags/101.
  2. Help get the word out! Add the TVR Logo to your Twitter icon/facebook or myspace, don't forget to add the TVR logo to your blog, and don't forget to tell your friends.
  3. Download stencils for flyers, stickers & don't forget to make a t-shirt.
  4. Or, you can buy a TVR t-shirt at http://www.cafepress.com/votereport


On Election Day

  1. Print out flyers and tweet about your voting experience.
  2. Hand out flyers.
  3. Come home and sweep if you can.


Volunteer Instructions from the Voter Suppression Wiki perspective

Here's some recommendtions from our partners at Voter Suppression wiki if you plan to be more proactive


Citizen journalists and other activists monitoring elections should try to reduce voter suppression as well as document it

   1. Bring one-page summaries of "know your rights/what to do if you have a problem" to the polls so they can help other voters who are having problems.  English-language information is available from http://866ourvote.org; Spanish-langauge information from http://veyvota.org

   2. Be familiar with the law (for example the information in Citizen Media Law Project's Documenting your vote) and take care to avoid disrupting the voting process

   3. Know and rehearse "talking points" for convincing voters who are frustrated by long lines or difficult conditions to stay and vote

   4. Spread the word about election protection information in general, not just citizen journalism activities


Learn about the specific rules in your state from Election Protection: http://www.866ourvote.org/state/ and  http://veyvota.org/state.php


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